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Best Exercises for Optimal Health and Wellness

What Exercises Are Best for Your Body?

Did you know there are certain exercises that are best for your body based on your genetics? With recent scientific advances, we have begun to understand which genes are associated with different areas of physical fitness. This knowledge has enabled us to go deeper than ever before to better understand our bodies on a cellular level. This includes gaining insights into which exercises are best for overall health and longevity.

To determine which exercises are best for you, we use a Molecular Health & Wellness Test to look at different genes that are associated with: 

  • Fat Loss Response to Cardio
  • Fitness Response to Cardio
  • Body Composition Response to Strength Training
  • Glucose Response to Cardio
  • Power/Endurance Potential
  • Intrinsic Motivation to Exercise
  • Grip Strength

Depending on the Molecular Health & Wellness Test results, we are able to build custom workout plans that are optimal for your unique molecular makeup and could potentially take your fitness goals to the next level.

No matter your body type, studies have shown there are certain workouts that are more beneficial for cellular health and longevity. For optimal athletic performance, add these workouts to your routine if you haven’t already:

HIIT Workout & Interval Training for Molecular Health

  • What is a HIIT workout? HIIT training, also known as high-intensity interval training, is a form of interval training that alternates between short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercise and intermittent periods of rest until you’re too fatigued to continue. 
  • What are the benefits of a HIIT workout?
    • HIIT exercises have been shown to halt aging on a cellular level by increasing the production of proteins for mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell that provides energy to the cell, allowing your cells to perform optimally.
    • HIIT exercises cause our bodies to release a protein (BDNF) that protects nerve cells. 
    • HIIT benefits include improving VO2 Max (maximal oxygen consumption) and overall fitness.

Endurance Training for Cellular Health

  • What is endurance training? Endurance training, also known as muscular endurance exercises or aerobic endurance, is a way of exercising to boost your endurance.
  • What are the benefits of endurance training?
    • An endurance workout increases VO2 Max (maximal oxygen consumption) which helps you achieve longer, more efficient workouts.
    • Muscular strength and endurance have been shown to increase telomerase activity, which aids in cell regeneration and protects your body from aging.

Outdoor Activities for Optimal Health and Wellness

  • Which outdoor activities are beneficial for cellular health and longevity? Outdoor activities like swimming, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and running all contribute to healthy aging.
  • Part of increasing your endurance capacity while also igniting your longevity genes includes putting healthy stress on the body. You can put good stress on the body by doing intense outdoor workouts you may not do on a regular basis.
  • Being outside while exercising has been shown to improve mood and overall mental health. It is also a great way to engage in an endurance workout, which can increase your maximal oxygen consumption and telomerase activity.

Let’s face it, there are practically no bad workouts. If you are pushing your physical fitness to new limits on a regular basis, you are doing right by your body. Knowing which specific exercises are best for your unique genetic makeup can help you take your physical fitness and performance to the next level.

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