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Calculating Macros: Which Macronutrients are Optimal for You?

Many of us are interested in learning which foods are best for optimal health and wellness. Nutritionists and health junkies also seek to determine which macronutrient ratios are best for everyone. Fueling your body with its optimal macronutrient breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates can help you to boost your health while supplying you with more energy throughout the day.

What Macronutrients are

Macronutrients are the chemical substances our bodies need for energy, growth, and health. When considering diet and nutrition, the macros we are concerned with include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

What Macronutrients are Best?

There are many factors that play a role in determining what macro breakdown is best for a given individual. Your personal health goals will play an important part in your optimal macro ratio: whether you are calculating macros for weight loss or counting your macros for fat loss and muscle gain makes a big difference.

Other important factors to measure include your current weight, BMI, and age. All of these data points will help you to establish what macros can help you to achieve optimal health and performance.

Using a Macro Calculator

Once you identify your ideal macronutrient mix, you’ll need a fast and convenient way to keep track of your macros. At FOXO, our favorite macro calculator is from IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macros). When calculating macros, they measure your weight, BMI, age, and health goals to help you find the right macro mix for you.

The Genetic Inheritance Behind Macronutrients

In addition to these key data points, there is another layer that science is uncovering in the search for the ideal macronutrients—the importance of understanding our ancestral diets and climate conditions.

If you look at diets around the world, there is a wide range of macronutrient breakdowns of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates based on the environment. For example, as you get closer to the equator, there is a shift towards more natural foods and plant-based diets. As you move away from the equator, animal and fat consumption become more common. Ancestors who had to survive long winters without plant sources relied on meat to sustain them. This genetic inheritance could influence how your body responds to food today. 

Our bodies also respond to climate. For example, spending time in the sun depletes folate, increasing the need for folate-rich plants. Fat and iron-rich foods help us stay warm in cold, northern climates. When you combine thousands of years of ancestral diets with the climate your forebears inhabited, you probably have a rich history of DNA that aligns with where your ancestors lived and how they fueled their bodies—from your features down to which diet is most optimal for you. 

Discovering your Ideal Macronutrients

As the science around genetics and epigenetics advances, we are able to learn more about our health on an individualized level. Using the FOXO LIFE Molecular Health & Wellness Test, we can analyze your molecular makeup to determine your ideal macronutrients. It’s safe to say that your ancestors played a role in your ideal macros!

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