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What is FOXO?

Introduction to FOXO

Named after FOXO3, the longevity gene, FOXO LIFE™ offers the first-ever Life Insurance powered by molecular health technology. Using the cutting-edge science of epigenetics, we unlock insights into your personal health and wellness.

We are on a mission to make longevity accessible to everyone and are focused on giving you resources to benefit your health and longevity right now—and well into the future. Science has proven that if we want to live healthier longer, we need to continue to learn about our biological limitations and potential as we evolve.

At FOXO, we are building groundbreaking epigenetic technology that gives you insights into your body’s Molecular Age™ so you can proactively improve your health, live longer, and have peace of mind for life’s unexpected challenges.

What is FOXO LIFE?

We chose the name FOXO to represent FOXO3, also known as the longevity gene. The different classes of the FOXO gene orchestrate gene expression that regulates crucial chemical reactions and biological processes like: 

  • Metabolism
  • Cellular Replication
  • Cell Cycle Arrest
  • DNA Damage Repair
  • Detoxification of reactive oxidative species

Learning how the body expresses different genes can help us understand what causes aging and how to reverse it. Simply put, we are studying how our daily habits can affect gene expression that either promotes aging and cell damage or age reversal and cell repair.

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How FOXO LIFE is Using Science

Started by a team of molecular biology, science, technology, and financial services professionals at FOXO Technologies, FOXO LIFE was born of our obsession with the science of longevity and has driven us to create the first-ever life insurance company to bundle molecular biotechnology and health and aging insights into your plan. These insights are used to calculate your Molecular Age and build your Personalized Longevity Plan. Understanding your health status at the molecular level helps you to optimize your healthspan and lifespan so you can secure your financial legacy for tomorrow while building your health legacy today.

Our Molecular Age Test and Longevity Plan gives you in-depth insights into:

  • Your Molecular Age
  • Your weight loss ability
  • Your predisposed food sensitivities
  • Your predisposed vitamin & nutrient deficiencies
  • A custom diet based on your genetics
  • A custom exercise plan based on your genetics
  • Your predisposed injury risk & recovery rates
  • & more!

How to Get Involved with FOXO LIFE

As we gear up to launch FOXO LIFE with life insurance designed to keep you alive, we are testing our consumer experience and beta product. If you are interested in becoming a FOXO beta tester, apply here